Not like homelessness is a good thing at all or anywhere, but if you’re going to do it anywhere, Japan’s the place. Rather than using cardboard boxes, it’s standard to make a home out of a wooden frame, and cover it with tarpet to make it waterproof. (w/pic)


In Fukuoka the homeless abodes take on unreal dimensions though (not that there’s more homelessness here, just that the homeless people that are here live relatively well). There’s a park I go by that’s filled with shelters like this.

This one looks like it might be multi room. It has a window (with drawn curtains), a table for eating outside, a roof over the front door where the laundry is hung, and even has a doghouse!

In Halifax and Toronto there are a lot of homeless people that are there because of poverty and bad times, and beg because that’s what they’ve been reduced to. Here, homelessness almost seems like a lifestyle choice. The few I’ve had contact with seem strange and introverted, maybe a bit hermit-ish and arguably a bit ill mentally. But they never beg, and I’ve never heard of anyone so much as try to blame them for any crimes. They make livings collecting bottle deposits, and are generally keep to themselves and their own community.

Via Adrift in the Happy Hills