Most people think in terms of a refrigerator in the kitchen.  However, here are two refrigerator drawers with nearly infinite possibilities. Combined, they give you over five cubic feet of storage that you can integrate into any room in your home. (w/pic)


·Base unit with refrigerator storage drawers
·Integrated design for "point-of-use refrigeration" anywhere in the home
·Refrigeration system with two distinct temperature zones ensures the freshest food and energy efficiency
·Electronic controls are easily accessed in the top storage drawer
·Flat to the ceiling bright lighting provides superior light in storage drawers
·An alarm will let you know with an audible beeping if a drawer is left open
·A removable crisper cover with a clear view window can be used in either drawer
·Each storage drawer has a removable divider
·Meets strict Department of Energy requirements
·UL approved for US and Canada
·Two, five and twelve-year residential warranty – exclusions apply – see warranty terms

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