Typically the sofa is not the preferred vehicle of the motor-sport industry.  But this one is a couch with a punch.  (w/video)

There goes the world’s fastest sofa – zooming at a record-breaking 92mph.

The road-legal settee has its own desk with plants, a cuppa and a plate of biscuits on.

It was driven by daredevil Marek Turowsk who yesterday set a brand new Fastest Furniture Land Speed Record in Leicestershire.

Gardener Marek, 38, from London, won a charity auction for the privilege of being behind the wheel, with cash going to The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths.

After the drive, he said: "It was terrifying. You feel every bump and it seems like you might take off."

The previous record of 87mph was set in 1998 by engineer Ed China – the man who built the new wacky machine for company sofa.com.

Despite being disappointed about seeing his crown slip, he added: "At least I still have the constructor’s title to boast about."

The feat will be featured in the 2008 edition of The Guinness Book of World Records along with The Sun’s very own Lup Fun Yau.

Last week he ate six doughnuts in three minutes without licking his lips, equalling the current best.

Click here to see the video.

Via the Sun