Beer and pizza are tastes that, for many of us, just seem to go together. But, beer that tastes like pizza?

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Too many garden tomatoes cooked up the idea for pizza beer last year. Tom Seefurth and his wife create a tomato garlic puree and bake up the pizza — in the back yard they pick their own oregano for flavoring. And back in the brewery Seefurth even grinds his own wheat to get the process started. He’ll add other spices, but keeps the recipe a secret.

“The only people who know the recipe are me and my cat, Jethro,” he says. Seefurth says the flavors of pizza and beer are a natural pairing, and the hobbyist hopes to take drink coast to coast.

You can try some ‘Mama Mia’ beer for yourself in the next few weeks. It is being sold at Walter Payton’s Roundhouse in Aurora.

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Video & Source: Cbs2 via Spluch