Surfing is an entirely different sport when you have the Powersurf FX’s 9.5hp four-stroke engine on board. Control this baby with its handheld throttle and you can steer it just like a conventional surfboard by leaning to the left or right.

Its engine works with a similar principle to a jet ski, blasting out its thrust from the back, but its makers say it’s the quietest power surfboard on the market.

It doesn’t look half bad, either, with its fiberglass shell over a foam core, and it’s available in a variety of colors. At $3170 it’s about half the price of its competitor, the PowerSki which works in a similar way but has a much more powerful 55hp two-stroke engine. So is this Powersurf FX fast enough?

This Powersurf FX’s makers don’t say how fast it will go—only that it will "give you the power and performance you need," but they do point out that you can still use it like an ordinary surfboard, taking it where other personal watercraft (PWC) or power boats can’t go.

Judging from the photos in the gallery, it looks like it’s going fast enough to be dangerous.

Via Gizmodo