While babies benefit from drinking breast milk, some people are now looking to mother’s milk as a treatment for cancer. Inspired by Swedish research on the subject, a Massachusets man now credits the milk with his recovery to become cancer-free.

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Cohen, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, came across Swedish research that found that mother’s milk killed cancer cells in petrie dishes. He gets his supply from a milk bank – similar to a blood bank but for breast milk.

Leading specialists like Massachusets General Hospital’s Dr. David Newburgh say the Swedish research is interesting, but that there is no scientific proof that milk can help cancer patients.

Proven or not, Cohen is such a believer, that when his own cancer doctor would not give him a prescription required to get breast milk, he found a doctor who would. He says he is now cancer free.

"Initially I was drinking it every day. I cut back to two bottles a week," he said.

Video & Source: Wcbstv via Spluch