While many of us think that being rich is the lifestyle we all want to have, it is not without its problems.  So what kind of things keep rich people awake at night?  Here are the results of a lengthy study. (w/charts)

During the course of 19 surveys conducted in 2005, 2006 and 2007, Redding, Conn., market research firm Prince & Associates asked about 2,500 high-net-worth individuals what issues were of the greatest concern to them.

All survey participants were U.S. citizens who produced their own fortunes. (The survey excludes affluent individuals who inherited their wealth.) The following results reflect the percentage of those surveyed in each income bracket who indicated that a particular issue was "very" or "extremely" important to them.

1.) Making sure your heirs are taken care of
2.)  Having enough money in retirement

3.)  Being unjustly sued

4.)  Losing income from your job or business

5.)  Taking care of parents

6.)  Making meaningful gifts to charity


7.)  Being cheated by an unscrupulous financial adviser

8.)  Having your identity stolen

9.)  Acts of violence against you

10.)  How to teach children to be philanthropic

11.)  Sophisticated tax strategies

12.)  Being a victim of a financial fraud

13.)  Not being able to maintain your current lifestyle

14.)  Losing money in a divorce or other type of family conflict

15.)  The residential real estate market continuing to falter

16.)  How to get ahead

17.)  In a family business, how to balance family and business interests

18.)  How to become wealthy

19.)  Budgeting

20.)  How to teach children to manage money