The government plans to explore planets other than Earth after a decade of preparation and studies of technology associated with rockets and satellites.


The Ministry of Science and Technology disclosed the scheme on Monday at a hearing geared toward discussing a 10-year plan to develop space-related businesses.

“We look to spend 3.8 trillion won improving technology on research in the space industry through 2016,” a ministry official said at the hearing held in Seoul.

“After wrapping up the 10-year project, we will explore planets, mostly those in the solar system other than Earth, in 2017,” the official said.

The space development program will be finalized late next month after consultation with other ministries and discussion at a state-run space commission.

In addition, the Science Ministry hopes that the large-scale investment will help the country secure source technology in space research and other segments.

Such technology is expected to create big wealth in the future from the lucrative space industry.

Via: Korea Times