Japanese researches at the Japan Science and Technology Agency based at the Osaka University introduced CB2 a child-sized android. The 130cm tall and 33kg weighing humanoid robot kid can see, hear and feel. CB2 has 200 tactile sensors embedded in its silicon skin. (w/pics)

Eerie Child Android CB2 

51 actuators inside the CB2 android run on compressed air and enable the robot to make smooth complex movements.

CB2 has apparently the physical ability of a 1- or 2-year-old toddler and can turn over and stand up with assistance.
CB stands for Child-Robot with Biomimetic Body.

I get a bit frightened looking at the photo of CB2. Not sure what it is. There are not many details available yet about the motivation of the project and what other capabilities CB2 has.

Japanese robot baby CB2

The not so little fella’s freakishly real – and at the same time not real – features quite possibly putting people off having kids forever.

Japanese robot baby CB2

Although that said, his (or indeed her) loving look up at its ‘father’ is possibly enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

Via The Daily Yomiuri Online. Tokyo Times has a video of the CB2 robot.