A power plant in Minnesota has begun embracing an odorous but intriguing new concept, using local turkey droppings to produce electricity.


During the last few weeks, the power plant in Benson has been taking the manure produced by the region’s turkey population and using the putrid collection to create an expensive form of electricity, The New York Times said Wednesday.

The fact that the power created from the reeking byproduct is only equal to 10 percent of that of a typical coal-fired plant has drawn its share of critics.

Those critics suggest rather then using the manure to create an expensive form of energy, the turkey poop should be used as fertilizer for local crops.

Yet some argue the advancement should be acknowledged for advancing its odorous field, the Times said.

"This is the only advancement in manure utilization since the manure spreader — that’s 100-year-old technology," turkey farmer Greg Langmo said of the plant.

Via: United Press International