"Sorry, I’ve got no cash on me" is possibly one of the biggest barriers to sales for mobile businesses and charity groups. But that won’t be an excuse for long – Hypercom has announced the immediate global release of a hand-held wireless card payment system that’s very quick, extremely secure and much, much smaller and lighter than previous attempts.

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Tricked-out with extremely quick processing, a color screen and support for credit, debit, gift, loyalty and check transactions – including non-contact PayWave-style transactions – this unit will make business much smoother for mobile and delivery businesses across the world.

Hypercom’s Optimum 32-bit mobile M4100, or "Blade," now available worldwide, was recently given Class A certification by Apriva, meaning it is now able to take transactions from virtually anywhere in North America. Apriva’s Intelligent Gateway is certified with all major merchant processors in the U.S., and Apriva has committed to offer a number of value-added services for the Optimum Blade, including online reporting, order processing, real-time terminal provisioning and comprehensive customer management.

“Demand for truly mobile payment terminals is escalating sharply, and speed, portability, high security and ease-of-use are critical,” said Bill Clark, Apriva’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Hypercom is a premier, trusted provider of high security payment systems, and the certification of the M4100 Blade gives acquirers and merchants the ability to accept payment transactions virtually anytime, anywhere in North America.”

“Apriva’s Class A certification accelerates our ability to put this product into the hands of more customers, faster than ever before with a new product,” said Lisa Shipley, Hypercom’s Senior Vice President of North American Sales.

Hypercom’s rugged new Optimum M4100 Blade is the first truly mobile credit/debit terminal designed to comply with current global security standards, including PCI, and the smallest product of its kind. Delivering high security payments and other transactions, the Blade weighs in at 7.1 ounces; has a small non-intrusive footprint measuring 4.9 inches long, 2.7 inches wide, and 1.15 inches deep; features GPRS and Wi-Fi communications; has a top-of-the-line high-contrast full-color signature capture touch screen; and provides other state-of-the-art features for restaurants, delivery services and other businesses worldwide.

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