One in ten kids think low-fat crisps, bread and ketchup count towards their five helpings of fruit and veg a day, a survey found.


A third of the eight to 15-year-olds wrongly included roast potatoes — and 15 per cent said pasta counted as a vegetable.

But four per cent thought apples were NOT part of the five-a-day.

A third wrongly said tinned tomatoes did not count, and a quarter of the 1,000 kids polled believed the same about frozen peas, rhubarb and all-fruit smoothies.

Children in the Midlands were twice as likely to count ketchup towards their quota.

Phil Gibson, of Dairy Farmers of Britain which conducted the survey, said: “It is clear from our findings that children still need to be made aware of what constitutes a healthy diet.”

Dr Frankie Phillips of the British Dietetic Association said: “It is worrying kids have such misconceptions about food.

“More and more children and adults are aware of the importance of having five daily fruit and veg portions. But more needs to be done to help children understand what counts and what doesn’t.

“Parents can be a good example by eating healthily themselves.”

Via: The Sun