Authorities in Cambodia warned men on Tuesday against do-it-yourself penis enlargement treatments, in the aftermath of a case in which a man killed himself because of the side-effects of a botched enlargement attempt.

The man reportedly had been injecting hair tonic into his own penis – but the side effects were so agonising that he hanged himself to end the pain.

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The hair tonic was advertised as giving thicker and more lustrous hair. It did not have the same effect upon the man’s penis.

Instead, the injections caused massive, excruciating ulceration of the phallus.

The details of the case were released to the public in an effort to warn other Cambodian men against trying anything similar. Officials cautioned that they believe this was not an isolated case.

Coroner Vieng Vannarith commented: ‘He wanted a bigger one very badly, and the results were tragic.’

via Weird Asian News