Our visual world is exploding around us.  Images are springing to life in some of the oddest places, and these are some particularily odd pictures.  But amazing photos none the less.

Rival babies were everywhere.  No sense taking any precautions.

The new plastic surgery technique was substantially cheaper,
but I wasn’t really going for the "8g centrifuge look"

Wow, this new wrapping paper looks so real, and it comes in these cute little bundles.

Raul thought this looked like a good hiding place,
but later even the street sweeper couldn’t find many traces of him left

"You come and mess up my field!  I’ll break your damn tractor!"

"So now how smart do you think you are, dipstick?"

It was a slow day in the office when Jimmy Jones decided to spice things up a bit

"Mommy, why did you make me pee on this electric fence?"

I like the animal look, but I really need bigger eyes…

This is better, but no one can see my eyes when I’m in my car…

Now we’re cooking

Resting was easy, but it was still tough to ignore the fact
thay they were all headless and made of paper mache

"When I smoke this stuff, all I want to do is go decorate my yard with bottles."

"See, what did I tell you."

Some photos are just begging for a little guy with whips on the fuselage

"When you have a hard time hanging onto trees….."

"…just use a little duct tape."

Some Legos are just screaming for a better life.

Yes, Wilber was only a finger puppet, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t hungry

"Honey, did you say you wanted a cannon ball for breakfast?"

Iconography works best when it says nothing at all

Later, these Muslims were punished and sentenced to death for praying to the sand gods.

Ignoring the fact that they looked totally rediculous, Howard and his
ranger troops continued to practice their "when hell freezes over" drills

After his fifth movie contract, Marberg the Jungle Tom
could barely show his face in public without getting mobbed.

Now where did I put my highway repair kit?

Getting a backup role on the Fatastic Four was a long shot, but Winston came in standing tall.