Latest research by Italian scientists has shown that drinking wine can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and sore throats


Both red and white wines contain some powerful germ killing ingredients. Drinking a glass of wine regularly can act as an effective agent against disease causing streptococci bacteria and upper respiratory tract infections, said a study published in the American Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Moderate consumption of red wine is already known to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Recent studies also show that drinking a glass of red wine every day can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

But wine’s antibacterial qualities, although well known by the ancient Romans, have been little investigated, said Italian researcher Gabriella Gazzani.

Gazzani’s team used bottles of supermarket Valpolicella and Pinot Nero for their research, pouring the wines into bowls containing bacteria, said the online edition of Daily Mail.

"Overall, our findings seem to indicate that wine can act as an effective anti-microbial agent against streptococci bacteria and upper respiratory tract infections," said Gazzani.

Via: Times of India