A lawyer and a small retail business have committed to donating $15,000 to sponsor a new patrol car and have their ad placed on each side of the squad car, police Chief Mike Navarre said. He said another lawyer and the manager of a large business that provides entertainment may be interested and may commit to the program.

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The responses resulted from 1,000 letters recently mailed to businesses announcing a "Patrol Vehicle Sponsorship Program."

"We are probably going to go ahead and put the ads for these businesses on the left and right rear quarter panels of the new cars when they come in," the chief said. "Hopefully, that appearance will drum up some business from the other places in the community."

The force needs to replace its aging fleet. The chief says that of the approximately 140 marked vehicles, about 100 need to be replaced.

Chief Navarre said small departments, mostly in the South and West, have ads on their vehicles. Fire departments in other cities also have them, acting Toledo Fire Chief Mike Whoever said.

"I would certainly look at it if it would help us in any way, with the appropriate advertisement," he said. "I would be interested in doing it if the market would support it."

Link & Image: Toledoblade via Autoblog