Despite an 86-year-old man’s objections, his wife will stand trial on accusations of stabbing him with a fork during a restaurant food fight.

Earlier charges against 47-year-old Kelly Campbell-Baumgartner were dropped when William Baumgartner denied he had been stabbed and said he had no interest in bringing charges against his wife.

But after another diner at the restaurant came forward, Canton Township Police and the Wayne County prosecutor’s office decided to file new charges, and a judge agreed there was enough evidence to try the wife on a felonious assault charge.

"She was waving her fork at him and pointing it at him and yelling," Carl J. Schultz Jr. testified.

"She was taking food off his plate with the fork and flinging it at him."

Schultz said Campbell-Baumgartner leaned across the table at the suburban Detroit restaurant April 22 and nicked her husband’s face with the fork. He said he saw blood on Baumgartner’s face.

On the witness stand Monday, the husband continued to stick by his wife, The Detroit News reported.

"If I am the complainant of this I have nothing to complain about," Baumgartner said.

"If I am the victim, I have nothing to be the victim of."

After the testimony, District Judge Michael Gerou said there was enough evidence for a trial on the charge, which can carry up to four years in prison.

The couple left court holding hands.