Introducing the gadget geekettes.

Back To School Gadgets

Believe it or not, women are now responsible for buying the majority of consumer electronics today. From computers to cell phones to high-tech TVs, a report shows that the ladies are in fact more plugged in than men are.

So now, to meet these customers’ needs, more and more manufacturers are making products that cater to women.

"For a long time there’s been a misconception that women don’t like technology and we’ve really shown over the past several years that’s just not true," says Megan Pollock of the Consumer Electronics Association.

While you may have thought that get googly-eyed by the hottest and trendiest gadgets, you may be surprised to learn that women accounted for the majority of the nearly $150 billion spent on consumer electronics last year alone!

"If I had to choose between a piece of jewelry and an electronic gift, I would definitely do an electronic gift," says Stacey Smith, a shopper who admits her love for electronics.

Initially, manufacturers tried to woo women by making traditional gadgets pretty; but while looks are important, experts say it’s not enough.

"//they want something that fits into their lifestyle, that makes their life easier, that they can just pull out of the box and use without any kind of fuss," says CNET’s Veronica Belmont.

Enter digital cameras that print on a docking station instead of downloading on desktop computers, or computers that are simply "plug and play."

Some gizmos are actually designed to "fit" females better, such as a phones with an auto focus at arm’s length so women can take pictures of themselves with friends.

There’s even a new laptop that accounts for longer fingernails. Belmont says such items "will just ergonomically be fit for women because usually they’re a little bit more diminutive."

Even today’s flat screen technology comes in more female-friendly sizes. There are also devices to help hide or eliminate wires, and all-in-one systems to reduce clutter — such as televisions with a built-in DVR.

"We’re going to continue to see people understand that all-in-one is important, and having accessories, having add-ons," says Pollock.

Some retailers are even designing stores to cater to women, with specially-trained assistants.

The female frenzy is about efficiency and functionality, which is good for everyone. Manufacturers stress that it’s not about alienating men, but about including women, and understandably so. The Consumer Electronics Association conducted a survey and found that 64 percent of the women surveyed would pick a digital camera over comparably priced half-carat diamond stud earrings.