Over three-quarters of US children ages 8 to 14 have completed an online shopping transaction, according to Stars for Kidz data cited by Internet Retailer.

Over half of the children who shopped online claimed to be helping their mothers with chores.

The children found ways to make the purchases. Over a quarter asked someone else to complete an order for them, or used a gift card. Just under a quarter of kids used their parents’ credit card. Another 15% charged the purchases to their parents in other ways.

The respondents were 8 to 14 years in age, and yet 8% said they had used their own credit cards to complete a purchase.

Children shopping online were most interested in music, video games, movies, MP3 players and celebrities.

Adele Schwartz of Stars for Kidz said, "In this research, we saw clearly that busy moms and tech-savvy kids are joining forces as online shoppers. Children who help their moms with such an array of online tasks may exert even greater influence on family consumerism than we thought, which makes the process of building brand loyalty specifically among children something that all marketers should be reconsidering." 

Via eMarketer