The line between online advertising and offline advertising is blurring. eMarketer estimates that this year US online video ad spending will reach $775 million, and grow from there.


US Online Video Advertising Spending, 2001-2011 (millions)

At 89%, 2007 will show the greatest year-over-year growth for US online video advertising. Coming from such a small base, however, makes this high rate relatively easy to attain. More important indicators come over the next four years, as spending continues to rise at rates of 39% or higher.

US Online Video Advertising Spending Growth, 2001-2011 (% increase vs. prior year)

Still, putting these high growth rates into perspective, video will represent only 3.6% of the total online ad spend this year. Even by 2011, when video ads will be commonplace on the Web, less than 10% of the annually escalating spend will be devoted to the format.

US Online Video Advertising Spending, 2001-2011 (% of total online ad spending)

"Looking over the numbers, it is not difficult to see how even a small shift in TV ad spending will be a driving force in overall Internet ad spending gains," says David Hallerman, eMarketer Senior Analyst and the author of the new report, Video Advertising Online: Spending and Audience. "Video will be behind the wheel."

Online Video Advertising Spending As a Percent of Total Internet, Rich Media and Television Advertising Spending in the US, 2003-2011

Video’s high engagement factor, combined with the Internet’s tracking and targeting capabilities, potentially offers brand advertisers a highly accountable method to sway the hearts and minds of their target audience. For Web publishers, video advertising represents a new and potentially large revenue stream.

"Unfortunately, a third element in the equation — the audience — is not entirely ready for TV-like advertising on the Internet," says Mr. Hallerman.

Via eMarketer