A former Chicago police officer living in Alsip, Ill., claims his landlords keep trying to steal his prized showerhead. Bill Hice said "the world’s best showerhead," a gift from his late brother, has been targeted by his landlords, who he claims keep trying to take the item from his home of 13 years.

Hice said he can see why other people would want to take the $400 item.

"It’s the best kind you can get — like the ones they use in YMCAs and other public buildings because they are indestructible," he said.

"The first time (the landlord – Mladics) took and replaced it with a $1.98 piece of (junk), my sister went and got it back," he said.

"The second time, I sent the police."

Alsip police confirmed that an officer was involved, but no arrests were made.

The Mladics are now moving to evict Hice.

Carol Mladic said the showerhead is "ruining the plumbing" because Hice "doesn’t know how to use" it.

Via Earthtimes