Personal transportation is exactly what you make it – for some the term conjures up pictures of Segways, Toyota I-units and electric bicycles, while for others, no less than a few tons of metal and a V8 motor will do.

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Armchair Cruisers has added a new niche to the personal transportation market with its offerings – the company’s magnificently upholstered motorized armchairs range in size from single to three seaters and cost from US$3995 for the single seat electric drive model, to US$7995 for the gas-powered V-twin love seat. They’re not really for venturing too far beyond the house, but they sure do command some presence.

The chairs operate on a simple joystick system, which controls direction, speed and lets you turn on a dime. The brakes are automatically applied when the stick returns to the middle, and automatically released when you’re ready for more action. You can order a gas powered chair or an electric one – the electric one appeals to those who would take a relaxed ride in silence, while the gas one is for the Armchair petrol heads. Added extras include sound systems, custom lights, “bling” kits, storage options, security systems, non marking tires, seat belts and personal logos.

The Cruisers are the brainchild of Daniel L. Helton who worked slavishly on his dream from a small shop in Demotte Indiana. From humble beginnings his website now attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from 92 countries. Now partner in a small company, Dan is looking for a third partner to help put Armchair Cruisers in garages, lounges, parks and fishing holes around the world.

Interested investors should contact Dan here .

via Gizmag