Three Ohio men are in for an unusual punishment after being nabbed in a prostitution sting.

Judge Michael Cicconetti sentenced three men convicted of soliciting prostitutes to one hour in a chicken suit not far from where they were arrested.

Daniel Chapdelaine, Martin Soto and Fabian Ramirez, were caught in an undercover police sting on Friday the 13th. It was double bad luck for Chapdelaine, who was celebrating his 40 birthday that very same day.

Judge Cicconetti is well known for his alternative punishments for misdemeanor crimes. He says he got the idea from the movie, "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas".

The story line centers around a brothel called the "Chicken Ranch." Each defendant will have to wear the chicken suit for one hour and a sign that states there is no chicken ranch in Painesville.

The punishment is scheduled to take place Friday July 27th. They must also do five days of community service. If they choose not to accept the chicken suit punishment they will spend 20 days in jail.

Judge Ciconnetti says humiliation is a strong motivator for staying out of trouble. The three men are scheduled to report to chicken duty Friday at four o’clock.