The recent passage of a smoking ban throughout Britain has created a new problem for pub-goers, the stale and foul smells the smoke once covered up.

The Sunday Times of London said a lack of cigarette smoke in British pubs has revealed the quite unpleasant odor of sweat and stale beer, prompting one company to begin placing fresher scents inside the pubs its manages.

Included among the unique smells now filling Mitchells & Butlers pubs are freshly cut grass and a pleasant ocean breeze.

Oliver Devine, a marketing manager, said such smells became necessary once the true smells of pubs were laid bare by the smoking ban.

"Appetizing food smells have increased but others are less attractive, such as stale food and beer, damp, sweat and body odor, drains and — how do you put this nicely? " Devine said, "flatulence."

The newspaper said similar scents were used in Scottish pubs when that nation put a smoking ban into effect a year ago.

Via: UPI