What is the one thing that possibly does not need reinventing? That is right, the ladder.


Still, that has not stopped Cima from popping on their thinking hats and contributing this interesting looking alternative.

Aesthetics aside there are supposedly two major benefits to the reworked device. The Cima Design version weighs in at one kilogram and the inspiration for the side protruding steps comes from a more natural method to climbing, akin to climbing a tree. Apparently, this requires less effort. We do not really recall the ladder being a massive workout and we are far from the apex of fitness, but anything to make life require less work sounds good to us. On the other hand, we are not so confident that something that light would hold the massive expanse known as our blogging bellies. As a solution, we are all for the new intern, Sri, to test it out. In fact, whilst he is trying it out, we think he should be able to simultaneously carry six cups of caffeine-injected beverages of our choices to us, all the while singing that bitchin’ Beyonce track. Pricing and launch details are not available at present, so in the meantime, let us think of creative ways to (legally) demean the new intern. Be nice though; he’s all fluffy and lovely.

via:  gizmodo.com