Thanks to a persistent Mother Nature, local doctors say Denver’s going to see a baby boom, just nine months after the blizzards of 2006

The first storm hit the metro area on Dec. 21, and the second moved through on Dec. 29. Many people were stuck at home for quite a few days.
Sky Ridge Medical Center said it is looking at a 20 percent increase in deliveries for the month of October. Dr. Steve Grover thinks the boom comes in response to the 61 days of consecutive snow on the ground.
"The snow stayed on the ground throughout December, January and into February. My theory is that the cabin fever didn’t set in until a little bit later," said Grover.
Doctors and nurses said they’re planning for a busy couple of months. The Sky Ridge nursery is already stocked with extra baby beds.
"I think I’m going to store some sleep the rest of this month because it’s going to be busy at the end of September and early October," said Grover.
A Denver children’s boutique is also gearing up for some extra business. The owner of Studio Bini said sales have spiked and she’s having a hard time staying stocked.
"We’ve also been selling a lot of diaper bags and blankets. I’m completely wiped out of blankets. I can’t keep up with the blankets," said store owner Linde Schlumbohm.
Sales at Studio Bini are up 6 percent, and items in her newborn section are flying out the door. Schlumbohm said next time she’ll be more prepared.
"I probably would have bought more infant things if I had thought about it," said Schlumbohm.

Via: The Denver Channel