Diners at a restaurant in the German city of Nuremberg are saving on tips because there are no waiters.

In what is being billed as the world’s first fully-automated eatery, customers at Baggers order their food by typing on a touch-screen at the table.

Food is then delivered to them via a mini-railway running down from the kitchen in the roof to the dining room.

The system also informs guests how long their food will take to prepare.

Payment is guaranteed by demanding a credit card at the start and deducting the total at the end.

Restaurant owner Michael Mack said he came up with the idea after holding a dinner party for pals, and getting fed up with constantly having to bring out different dishes from the kitchen.

He said: "I thought to myself that it would be easier if the food arrived on a slide. The principle is so simple, I am surprised it’s not done elsewhere."

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via:  ananova.com