Louisiana agricultural officials said more Africanized honeybees, also known as killer bees have been found in traps east of New Orleans.

Agriculture Commissioner Bob Odom said in a news release the find was made in a trap on the Mississippi River in St. Bernard Parish about 5 miles downriver from where an earlier find was made this year, the New Orleans Times Picayune reported.

In January, a colony of Africanized honeybees was found in a St. Bernard Parish house being torn down because of damage from Hurricane Katrina. The proximity of this find indicates the bees could be a swarm from that colony or could be from a ship or barge passing by on the river, Odom said. Although the exact source can’t be identified, we have to assume Africanized honeybees are now established in the area and people should be careful when working outside.

Odom also warned there is a misconception from the term killer that Africanized bees are bigger than domestic bees, the Times-Picayune reported.

The truth is they’re actually smaller but a lot fiercer, he said.

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