Gull Meadow Farms near Richland designed a corn maze in the likeness of President Gerald Ford.


The owners say a design company drew up the plans and just as the corn started to grow, Ford’s face was staked out in the field.

Gull Meadow says it’s another way to pay tribute to the 38th President, who was from West Michigan.

The corn maze has become a cornerstone of Michigan "agri-tainment."

The maze often comes with a pumpkin patch, kids activities and apple picking.

At this orchard the crop came in early this year, and you may have to search for certain varieties of apples. "Certain ones you see. Certain ones you don’t," said David Wendzel of Gull Meadow Farms.

A walk up and down the rows at Gull Meadows shows what kind of season it’s been. "Our apple crop out seventy percent do to spring frost," said Wendzel.

You won’t be picking honey crisps or macintosh, but other favorites are ripe, and ready. "The u-pick season is ten days ahead of schedule," said Wendzel.

Of course as many growers these days know it’s not just about apples and pumpkins. Agri-tainment features are what can help draw crowds.

"Bring your kids, make a day of it," said Wendzel.

But even the activity can be effected by the weather, especially when the entertainment revolves around crops.

This year the corn is so short in sections, clues are being added to the maze to make it more challenging.

As always, its mother nature that determines when the fall family activities start.

This orchard grower says by end of October, you’ll find apple trees bare.