A majority of teens learn about new television shows from TV ads and promos, according to an OTX-eCRUSH study. Word of mouth, video sharing Web sites and blogs were far less influential, the study said.

"For all of the hype surrounding blogs and video sharing sites, it’s important for networks and marketers to understand that a majority of teenagers still get information about new programming from TV ads and promos," said Bruce Friend, OTX president of media and entertainment insights, in a statement.

Methods Used by US Teen Internet Users to Learn about New TV Shows, August 2007 (% of respondents)

Seven in 10 teens said they would watch their favorite new show on its scheduled day and time. Just over one-fifth planned DVR or to record it and 10% were unsure of their viewing method.

Only 7% planned to download or stream the program for free. About 3% were willing to pay to download the show.

Time-Shifting Methods Planned by US Teen Internet Users for Watching Their

Although DVRs are already affecting viewing habits, eMarketer has projected that it will take until at least 2009 before data begins to show the full impact of increasing Web, DVR and VOD usage on the traditional US TV advertising model.

In 2011, DVR households will account for 38% of all TV households.
Key US TV and Internet Metrics, 2006 & 2011 (millions) 

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