For the first time in more than a century, beer and wine by the glass will go on sale in a small, conservative city in Michigan, with the granting of a liquor license to a pizzeria.


Booze: hurrah!

‘We could be serving in six to eight weeks,’ Vitale’s Pizza co-owner Ryan Snyder told The Grand Rapids Press.

The city, Zeeland, has a population of 6,000 and a conservative Dutch heritage.

Last November, voters approved an end to the 104-year-old alcohol sales ban – but only by the tiny margin of 1,425 to 1,385.

Business leaders say they hope allowing liquor licenses will help the city attract a fine-dining restaurant and spark new business activity downtown.

However, there hasn’t been the rush you might expect to cash in on Zeeland’s euphoric new alcohol buzz. Vitale’s was the only applicant, and to date no other businesses have applied for a liquor license since the ban was lifted, said deputy city clerk Karen Jipping.

Via: Metro