Tired of you friends getting the best of you in all your paintball matches?  Here’s a cool way to even the score – a paintball tank. (w/pic)


If you are ready to reenact Rommel’s campaign in North Africa, vandalize any wall in sight or look like Atom Ant, here’s the Paintball Panzer. At 3.4 x 4 x 6-foot it’s not comparable with the 17-tonne FV432 paintball tank after the jump, but I would love to have this mini-me version anyway.

For just $150, you could play with six of these for two hours (trip to the UK not included.) On the other side, the Paintball Panzer has a $14,400 price tag. It will be yours for life, but 1) if you live in the UK, a Paintball Panzer will get you 192 hours of tank warfare with the real thing; and 2) if you live anywhere else, the same price will get you a few trips full of hardcore paintball action. Without a doubt, I would get the FV432 any day. Your pick, in the comments.

Video and more info on Gizmodo