A US intercontinental ballistic missile base, equipped with a vast underground network of tunnels and rooms but no atomic warheads, is for sale in a remote corner of the United States. The warheads and missiles went when the US government abandoned the Titan bases in the 1970s.

Located near the remote Moses Lake in the northwest state of Washington, the former Larsen military base includes 4,000 square meters of “usable” space on 23 hectares of land, and the owner is only asking for $1.5 million — which might buy a small home in Hollywood.

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The seller, Bari Hotchkiss, sees the base as a “gorgeous” property and potential resort. He has put it up for sale on the eBay auction site.

The website missilebases.com offers up a similar underground base for Titan missiles outside of Denver, Colorado, touted as a “very rare piece of history” with mountain views and only 20 minutes from the local airport. All this for the asking price of $1.8 million in cash.

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Source: eBay via Inquirer via Spluch