Visitors to the opening day of Sexpo in South Africa today were treated to live demonstrations by Australian artist Tim Patch, alias "Pricasso," of his penis paintings of famous global figures.

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Neither US President George W Bush, former British prime minister Tony Blair nor former Japanese prime minister Junichiro Koizumi were spared the rod as a naked but for a top hat Patch hammered out a series of surprisingly realistic depictions.

Former Brisbane builder Tim Patch was finding it difficult to crack the art market until he dipped his quill in the ink, so to speak.

Under the artistic pseudonym "Pricasso", Patch uses his penis to paint portraits, landscapes and female nudes.

"I dip it in the paint and then apply it to the canvas," says the 56-year-old who grew up in England. "I began doing it at a party around Christmas time.

When the canvas became too rough on his "brush", he switched to paper, but has switched to a "smoothed-back canvas … for a better effect".

Images and a demonstration video (NSFW) after the jump.

Image Gallery: Tim Patch
Video: Tim Patch (NSFW)