People of different sexes always tend to boast of their physical and moral advantages, especially men. A straight man would hardly ever agree to become a woman even for one day. However, a woman gives a different answer to a similar question. Many women say that they would not refuse to try on man’s skin just to find out what “that thing” actually means in life. Some women say that they would like to become a man to understand men’s don’t-care-about-all attitude. In this article we take a brief look at different advantages of being a man and a woman. You can decide the winner for yourself.

It is good to be a man because:

– Your phone calls usually last for 30 seconds;
– You only need one small suitcase for a week of vacation;
– You can open all bottles yourself;
– Your good friends do not care about you putting on weight;
– The shape of your buttocks does not play any role in your professional career;
– All of your orgasms are real;
– You don’t have to carry a whole bag of different things that you need every day;
– Your underwear costs ten dollars and it is a three-pack;
– You need to shave only your face;
– None of your colleagues at work can make you cry;
– You don’t have to sleep every night next to a hairy ass;
– If you are a 35-year-old bachelor, no one will pay any attention to it;
– Everything that you have on your face and body is absolutely natural, including the color;
– Five pairs of shoes are more than just enough;
– You can take your shirt off if it is hot;
– You don’t know how periods work and what on Earth they are;
– People never stare at your chest when they talk to you;
– You do not have to memorize the dates of everyone’s weddings and birthdays;
– If another man appears at a party dressed exactly like you are, he may become your best friend.

It is good to be a woman because:
– Women’s working hours are shorter in civilized countries. The difference with men’s working hours may reach four hours a week;
– As a rule, women do not lose hair;
– A woman driver has much more chances to come to terms with a male police officer and avoid a fine if she breaks traffic rules;
– Heart attack death rate is much smaller among women;
– Men reach their sexual peak at 17 when they are mostly unable to enjoy it thoroughly. Women continue to develop and flourish sexually right into their mid-thirties;
– You do not have to start a fight if someone pushes you in the street on spills beer on you in a bar;
– Woman’s chances to get into prison are 20 times smaller as opposed to those of men;
– A woman may experience multiple orgasms;
– If you are born with a shameful last name you will always have a chance to change it in the future;
– You always enjoy shopping;
– The average lifespan for a woman is 80 years. Men usually live up to 68-74 years.