It’s that time of year again at Independence Brewing Company in Austin, Texas. The brew is coming out burnt orange.

For two months brewery owner Rob Cartwright has been blending his creation: Oklahoma Suks Beer.

"We do this for fun," Cartwright said. "This is something we do for fun, this is something we do one week, one or two weeks out of the year."

The idea for this beer came about last year, when the husband-and-wife owners of the brewery found out an Oklahoma brewer was making a Texas Sucks Beer.

They say it’s all in good fun, but it’s a good profit, too.

This year they’ve sold five times the amount they did last year.

At Bubba’s Country Store in South Austin, manager Vic Patton has put out his second shipment in as many days.

"Oh, I give it about a half-hour, and it’ll be gone!" Patton said. "This is the beer they want to drink before the Texas-O.U. game, this kind of tops it off!"

"I think that’s awesome!" said Longhorn fan Mike Poehl. "Surprised somebody hasn’t done this sooner!"

Poehl picked up three bottles.

At $2.25 a piece, Oklahoma Suks is a little pricier than a standard beer, but it’s for a special occasion.

The Independence Brewery will keep making the beer as long as the demand is high but only for 10 days a year.

"If we can pull the game off Saturday and get a win, the beer tastes better," Patton said.

Via: Texas Local News