Men and women may continue to argue about who are the best drivers, but one area where there is a clear gulf between them is the type of bumps and crashes they have in their cars.


Online car insurance specialist studied data from 270,000 claims and found that men are 42% more likely than women to be involved in a head-on collision and 36% more likely to hit a pedestrian on a pavement while women are 55% more likely than men to have an accident in a car park and 47% more likely to have an accident at traffic lights. wanted to see if there was a difference between how men and women crash.

It soon became clear that there was; women tend to be in more accidents at slower speeds, where cars are close together, while men have more high-speed accidents where it is easy to lose control.

That’s because generally men drive faster and more aggressively than women!

Other differences when it comes to claims were that women are 78% more likely to lose their keys, 23% more likely to have something stolen from their car but men are 52% more likely to suffer flood damage and 42% more likely to have their car stolen. Flood damage? Yes apparently men are more likely to drive into water thinking they’ll come sailing out the other side than women!

Via: Female First