Imagine leaving your house for a few days and coming home to find two unknown people living there and wearing your clothes. That’s what happened to a woman in Decatur this week.

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When Kim Ledford returned to her house on Nelson Street, she found a man lying on her bed. Shortly after that, she was met by a woman named, Kelly Moore, who was wearing Ledford’s clothes.

Police say after Ledford confronted them about leaving, Moore grabbed a suitcase and began packing clothes, which also happened to belong to Ledford.

A man named Cornelius Ray Goode then arrived at the house and began questioning Ledford’s right to even be inside the residence, claiming he was the owner of the residence.

After an investigation it was learned that Goode and Moore were suspected of breaking into the house during Ledford’s absence and assuming residence without her knowledge. Both Moore and Goode are in jail.

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