If you like old things, I recommend that you talk to old guys. Seek them out. They were all young guys once. And a lot of them don’t have any family left; they just want to see the love of their life, the car they were always going to restore — but never got around to — go to a good home. –
Jay Leno’s Saying of the Week

"Price is always a consideration, so don’t expect these guys to give away their pride and joy. They want a fair deal, but they certainly aren’t looking to get rich either. For a lot of these guys, it’s more about the car going to the right garage — yours. So ask around the local old folks’ home and talk to old folks. ‘Hey, didja’ ever have an old car?’ They might say: ‘Oh yeah, the old people next door to us had an old car. Now what the hell was that?’"

Via: PopularMechanics