A well-fed 2m crocodile has been found in a drain in the centre of Cairns.

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The crocodile was the last thing Stanley Leszczewicz expected to catch when he tried his new lure in a Portsmith drain yesterday morning. The 2m croc emerged from the murky water and latched on to the lure, much to the keen fisherman’s amazement.

"It went for my line but I retrieved it," Mr Leszczewicz said. "I didn’t want to hook on to him." The croc sat on the bank as onlookers gathered at the Fearnley St drain in the centre of Cairns city, before sliding back into the water.

He’s well-fed this fella", Mr Leszczewicz said. "He’s not shy."

When Mr Leszczewicz showed the media how his accidental catch occurred, the croc resurfaced and took his bait again.

A spokesman Cairns City Council said the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service would be called in to remove the croc if it became a threat.

via Arbroath