A study has found a scientific explanation for why people find doctors and
nurses sexy.


The study
conducted by Dr Brendan Kelly, of University College Dublin found that people
get attracted to GPs, nurses and surgeons because they expect them to be more
caring than the average professional.

The study was carried out
after researching medical romance stories to see what got readers so hot under
the collar.

In the study, at
random 20 novels were selected with a medical theme and the recurrence of
“brilliant, tall, muscular, male doctors with chiseled features, working
in emergency medicine” was noticed.

"These novels suggest there is
an urgent need to include instruction in the arts of romance in training
programmes for doctors and nurses who intend working in these settings,”
the Sun quoted him, as saying in a tongue in cheek

"It gives a good
insight into how people think medicine should be. If you were to take these
novels literally, one would think uncontrolled passion is an inevitable
consequence of working in the emergency room,” he

"Perhaps it would be
useful for doctors to look at some of these novels – although young
doctors might believe this is how medicine is and sadly it’s not,”
he added.


Via Times of India