Finally, coming to New York, a fashion show devoid of skinny models and serious faces — in fact the models don’t even exist.


U.S. discount retailer Target Corp, known for its innovative marketing, is staging a "model-less" fashion show in Manhattan next week that will feature holograms strutting down a runway in its merchandise instead of size-zero models.

The images, which will appear to be three-dimensional, will show clothes by designers like Isaac Mizrahi and Liz Lange sashaying across a virtual runway.

"This is the first time a fashion show will be completely produced with hologram technology, without models, without a runway and easily accessible to all fashion fans," Target senior vice president Trish Adams said in a statement.

The show will take place November 6 and November 7, in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal.

It will show clothes and accessories from Target’s men’s, women’s, bridal and maternity collections.

Via: Reuters