The World’s Most Intelligent Toilet Seat at the Colorado Inventor Showcase. It remembers to close when you forget!

The Toilet Lid and Seat that Closes Itself


Self Contained – No batteries, wires, rods or connections

Adjustable Release Time – closes automatically in 2 – 5 minutes

Safe and Quiet operation with slow-close hinges

Nothing to learn – operates same as existing seat/lid

Easy Reset for unwanted activations

Easy Installation – 5 minutes, same as regular seat/lid

No setup procedure or maintenance ever

Affordable – $10 to $15 more than non-self closing model

Reliable – simple, tested, patented design


Seat always down for women – lid and seat lower automatically

Good housekeeping – courtesy for guests

Keeps pets and toddlers out – safe and sanitary

Feng Shui home design requires the lid be kept closed

Inventor Daniel Shannon will be seen at the Colorado Inventor Showcase.