OMNILUX, Inc., a leader in the field of lighting technology, is committed to improving the efficacy, efficiency and performance today’s luminaries and lighting products and can be seen at the Colorado Inventor Showcase.


OMNILUX executes a Business-to-Business sales model, enabling luminaire and optical designers a novel component beyond the traditional lens or reflector. OMNILUX technology exceeds traditional lens or reflector performance by leveraging the requirements of the human visual system and advancements in the fields of optical, electromechanical and materials technologies.

OMNILUX systems are fully compatible with LEDs, traditional incandescents and flash lamps, making this technology the ideal and timely solution for “Green” environmentally and energy friendly lighting.

Replacing traditional lens and reflectors with OMNILUX technology yeild luminarire with improved:

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Inventor Enrique Gutierrez will be an exhibitor at the Colorado Inventor Showcase.