Not all photos are created equal.  This week, rather than having you constantly asking, "What the hell is that?", we decided it would be better to have you ask, "What the hell is that, and what the hell is he talking about?"

Tapping the real power behind the innocent banana


Calvin thought sure he saw something strange in the rocks,
but continued to spend the rest of the morning searching for his dog Fifi


After a hard day shooting at anything that moved,
the union whistle finally blew, and now it’s Miller time


The ingenious new tennis court half-pipe


As a ship captain, there are times when you just wished you were paying more attention


Who says you can’t take it with you?
Finally, a grave site for the take-it-with-me crowd


Back in the jet factory, Wilbur, the landing gear guy, decided to go on vacation
forcing Marcus, the guy who lied on his application, to take over


As a surprise feature, some of our hotel rooms come
with "Flying Japanese Girl" a distant cousin to Godzilla


Using the age old Mafia trick of shaking someone down,
the Sandhill Gavel Company decided on a new kind of lie-detector test for new hires


A bike that is impossible for one person to ride


Part 1:  Lifting the Yacht


Part 2:  Holy crap!  I dropped it!


Part 3:  Putting your lawyers on speed dial


Which came first, the Ying or the Yolk?


This explains hockey’s latest surge in popularity