A textiles scientist in the US has devised a way to kill flu viruses with the
help of dyes that release highly reactive oxygen atoms.


Stephen Michielsen of the
Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta says that upon being exposed to
light, the dyes—such as prophyrins and fluoresceines—release oxygen
radicals that have the ability to deactivate viruses.

He says that such oxygen
radicals also have some anti-bacterial properties, reports New Scientist

The researcher has
plans to embed the dyes in fibres, which can then be woven into textiles.

Michielsen says that such
textiles could then be used to kill viruses in the filters of ventilation
systems of hospitals, and in surgical masks.

He says that the fabric with
virus-killing qualities may also be used in waiting-room wallpaper, military
uniforms, and aircraft cabin upholstery.

Via Times of India