A survey of more than 2000 Britons has revealed "nincompoop" to be the nation’s favorite word out of the 16,500 entries in the Cambridge Dictionary.

The survey found 13 percent of respondents chose "nincompoop" – believed to be derived from the Latin "non compos mentis", meaning not of sound mind  – as their favourite sounding English word, The Daily Mail reported.

The poll was commissioned by Ubisoft, makers of the language computer game My Word Search.

The second most popular word was "love" and the third was "mum".

"The results demonstrate our passion for language and the sentiment we attach to words such as love and mum," Ubisoft spokesman Mike Masuku said.

"It also highlights how narrow most people’s vocabulary has become."

"Gaming offers a fun way to learn. Users of every age can benefit from learning new words and their meanings without feeling they are being preached to or patronised."

Via: news.com