Digital camera buffs buy their cameras, and then they buy more stuff—a lot more. According to a report from the NPD Group, although digital camera consumers are demanding an increasing number of camera accessories bundled in with their initial camera purchases, they still are not getting all they need.

NPD’s retail tracking information showed that in the 12 months ending September 2007, digital still camera unit sales were up 20% but revenue increased only 3%.

Yet in the same time period revenues from camera accessories, including lenses, batteries, external flashes, filters and tripods, increased more than 50%.

“As the camera market matures, manufacturers and retailers are increasingly challenged to bring in new profits,” said NPD analyst Liz Cutting.

NPD found that DSLR camera buyers were far more likely to purchase accessories than consumers who purchased simpler point-and-shoot digital cameras. Even so, 69% of point-and-shoot digital camera consumers and 54% of DSLR buyers left the store without purchasing anything beyond what was included in the initial purchase price of their new digital cameras.

Aftermarket accessories tailored to consumer needs offer an opportunity to provide additional profits.

“The perceived need for camera protection, image sharing and storing, and getting the right equipment to take better pictures, evolves as consumers bond with their cameras,” Ms. Cutting added.

Via eMarketer