The MiShare is a matchbox-sized $100 Linux appliance that interfaces between two iPods and allows you to transfer files back and forth between them.

This’d be great for bands that want to share their work with people who show up at gigs, and for sharing your CC-licensed music with friends at school or work. It’s pre-order only now, alas.

MiShare is designed to be both simple and powerful. Just attach two iPods, slide miShare’s on-switch to music, video or photo, and press miShare’s only button. You decide whether you copy the song or video that was last played through to its end, or a pre-defined photo folder. Give the miShare button a longer press (three seconds) and it will copy a collection of files. miShare uses the On-The-Go playlist for multiple songs—just create an On-The-Go playlist on the source iPod by selecting by song, artist, album, or even playlist. Link (via Gizmodo)