A newspaper editor, whose family has dealt with deadly drunk driving accidents, is offering a coffin to the first person who dies this holiday season from a drunk driving accident.

St. Mary’s Today editor Ken Rossignol was never shy about a journalistic style some say borders on the sensational. For years, he has posted the names of local people arrested on DWI charges in every weekly edition. "So the message is, don’t drink and drive." He says people aren’t listening.

Now, he’s offering a free coffin to the first person who kills him or herself in a drunk driving accident in the Charles, Calvert, St. Mary’s County region. "You wanna die? We’re gonna make it cheaper for you."

His unorthodox approach is getting mixed reviews; some say it’s crazy while others think it’s a good idea.

Rossignol has seen too many people killed by drunk drivers, including his brother in 1975. His goal is that no one accepts his offer.

"We hope we don’t have to award a free coffin, but if they want it, they’ll get it."

Via: Local News